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Call & Email 

New York State Lawmakers Today

Tell the NY Assembly members to support bill A6594 and NY Senators to support bill S7323.  


Write and call the NY State Senate majority leader, Senate Rules Committee chair, and President Pro Tempore Senator Andrea Steward-Cousins. Point out the importance of supporting this bill. Follow this link for her contact information.


Contact the Assembly Speaker and Assembly Rules Committee chair Carl Heastie, and Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Asssembly Majority Leader.

Contact Robert Ortt, NY State Senate minority leader and ranking member of the Senate Rules Committee.


Send Gov. Kathy Hochul a message, too. 

Gov. Message Suggestion


The "Find" buttons above link to the appropriate NY state government website where you can easily find your NY State Senator or Assemblyperson based on your address, and send them a message or an email. We also urge you to call them now and keep on calling.

To make emailing and calling super easy for you, the buttons below open a sample telephone call script and a draft email which you can copy and paste then customize when reaching out to your New York State Senator and Assemblymember.


Consider a "keep it simple" approach when emailing/messaging and calling versus taking a "windbag" approach. And remember, whether calling or emailing, please be professional, polite, succinct, and courteous while speaking your mind. Approaching it with tact will have the greatest impact.


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