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It was wrong to erase the Tappan Zee name from the bridge crossing the Hudon River's Tappan Zee.  


Take action now.

Tell the NY politicians to restore the Tappan Zee name to the bridge and to support any legislative bill that adds Tappan Zee back to the bridge name.

Now is the time to write & call your state legislators! Tell state Senators and Assembly members to sponsor and support bills to rename the bridge to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Reach out to fellow citizens, friends, neighbors. Encourage them to do the same. You will be surprised how open most people are to the Tappan Zee bridge name restoration cause.


Helpful Tips On Handing Out Flyers

Do - Stay in a specific public location (e.g. in front of a grocery store, a spot in a farmers market, a local downtown street corner). One with a high amount of foot traffic is a good location. Be prepared to answer any questions a person asks you.

Don't - Put flyers in or on mailboxes. This is illegal.

Do - Contact your city government office and ask what the restrictions are, if any, for distributing flyers. Typically, distributing flyers on public property is allowed under free speech laws, but there may be a few caveats.

Do - Print out a few flyers using heavier stock paper and kindly ask local store owners if they would display it in their storefront window or elsewhere in the store.

Don't - Put flyers on vehicle windshields or staple them to polls. This activity commonly falls under anti-littering ordinances and you could, for example, be subject to littering fines.

Do - Think carefully before going door-to-door. It can backfire if it annoys people, and don't risk your own safety in any way. 

Do - Be prepared to answer questions. Reading the copy in the background and FAQ pages on this website will help you prepare. Please don't get into contentious arguments. There will be people who disagree with you. Let them disagree and move on. Delays from people who want to argue or debate only keep you from your objective at hand - to pass out as many flyers to interested parties as possible.


Do - Know the laws. For example, you cannot deliver flyers to residences or buildings that are marked "No Handbills," "No Flyers," or "No Advertising." 

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