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This website has been established to provide  easy-to-use tools to help citizens fight to restore the Tappan Zee name - one that apolitically honors history and pride of place - to the bridge spanning the Hudson River that connects New York's  Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Our goal is to make it easier for regular folks like us to take a stand with state legislators and make our voices heard. 

We're a nonpartisan group comprised of individuals who disagree with naming the new Tappan Zee bridge the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and how it went down. We are not affiliated with any other organization or individual associated with the bridge name change.  

This name does not represent the history of the area and removes an honor to the Tappan Native Americans and the early Dutch settlers (zee is Dutch for sea). Simply put, we want the Tappan Zee name restored to the bridge now. 

Is Tappan Zee Friends against  the late Gov. Mario Cuomo?

No. We are a nonpartisan group. Our founding members are registered independents. 

Who is funding Tappan Zee Friends?

We are 100% self-funded and volunteer our time. No individual on our team has ever been paid for their time spent or expenses incurred on behalf of Tappan Zee Friends, or is profiting from Tappan Zee Friends. 

If you have time and talent to get involved with Tappan Zee Friends, we'd love to talk with you! We're a small, friendly, action-oriented team that welcomes others who are like-minded  about the wrongful naming of the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo bridge and how it went down (The Big Ugly) in Albany. Our time and services are donated to Tappan Zee Friends on a volunteer basis.

Click icon above or contact us here.
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